About Axiom Cordages:
Axiom Ropes are manufactured using the latest Hi-Tech and State of the Art Machinery and Technical Knowhow from Europe.Axiom Ropes are made from the highest grade co-polymers making it one of the safest, strongest and most reliable braided and twisted ropes in its category. With its fully equipped R&D facility and Testing Lab, Axiom Ropes meet all International Standards and meet the test parameters of inspecting agencies like Bureau Veritas, DNV, Lloyds Register, SGS, Germanischer Lloyds etc.


Characteristics of Axiom Superflex Mixed Fiber Ropes:

  • Wet strength equal to dry strength.
  • High strength weight ratio for ease of handling.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance against internal and external friction.
  • Exceptional resistance to frictional heat damage.
  • Manufactured in accordance with OCIMF guidelines.
  • TCLL value of 73%. TCLL is the actual breaking load of a wet rope after 1000 cyclical loadings.
  • Excellent Shock – Load absorption yielding low snapback at break.
  • Specific Gravity – 1.1, i.e, neutrally buoyant.
  • Remains flexible and its easy to splice in use.
  • Does not absorb water.
  • Fully U.V. Stabilized.
  • Excellent chemical resistance, except in the presence of alkalis.



  • Towing Stretchers.
  • Single Point Moorings.
  • Mooring Lines.
  • Mooring Jaws.