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Cabinet Description Model FRD-11-40
External Dimension     mm    ins
Height 1598 63
Width 551 22
Depth 824 32
Drawer for Paper Documents
Height 294 12
Width 388 15
Depth 636 25
Weight 418Kg

Wuxi Regal, a wholly Malaysian owned manufacturing company operating near shanghai, china, is the leading maker of fire resistant record- protection filing cabinets (or FRD-II) in Asia. Its latest product design breakthrough is reflected in its drawer cabinet samples successfully passing America’s Underwriters Laboratories Inc’s stringent 2- hour fire endurance test and the explosion test, for fire protection of paper-based documents

Thus our newly introduced FRD- II series is a UL classified product that has been tested in compliance to standard 72 class 350 for fire protection. With this UL rating, our customers can be rest assured of the safety and security of their vital paper documents stored inside the cabinet in case of a very severe fire.


General Construction
Each drawer front has an overall thickness of 90mm insulated with TECHBIRD proven fire-resistant composite material. The proofing ingredients used are asbestos free, providing a barrier mix that is lasting , stable and well aerated


Options are offered

  • 2 Turn keylock on the top drawer giving control to all drawers
  • 2 Turn keylock on the top drawer , one turn keylock for each drawer
  • One 3 wheel dial combination lock & One turn keylock on the top drawer


Each drawer is fitted using ball – bearing slide rails for light smooth and lasting operation. Without the need for lubrication, Each bottom drawer is also fitted with a spring day-catch bolt for optional individual control (operating out of top drawer). Each drawer is designed to fit most paper hoists and will accommodate the vast majority of box files.


Power-based scratch- resistant painting in standard light grey


UL ranks among the world’s top independent testing agencies. To find out more about UL, please visit is website at And for more information on our TECHBIRD series, click on UL’s Certification Database and search using the product category code RYPH

Fire Endurance Test

The duration of the fire exposure for this test is 2 hours, and the purpose is to ensure that the cabinet has been designed to limit the internal temperature to no higher than 177° C ( or 350° F) after 2 – hour exposure to a severe fire . At no time during the test does the UL Test requirement permit the temperature allowed for protection of paper documents. Nor is excessive internal humidity allowed in order to pass the test.

Explosion Test

The Explosion test involves inserting the samples cabinet into a furnace which is preheated to 1090° C (or 2000° F) and subjecting it to a 30-minute fire exposure at this temperature. The cabinet must not explode or deform in order to pass the test .

Test Results

In both the above UL tests the FRD II – type TECHBIRD cabinets have complied to the requirements of Standard 72 Class 350, for fire protection of paper based documents

Copies of the UL Test Report may be furnished upon request to substantiate our above claims